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Manifesting with My Bestie (BFF)

For over a month I have been playfully Manifesting with my Bestie “Best Friend” “Danielle.”

We have been creating Manifesting Games, sending each other Empowering Texts & Emails, Creating Songs that add to the Manifesting Fun, Adding to our Dream Boards, saying our Prayers and Affirmations… Why?

Because I am missing my Bestie more than I can express.

After a “Life Change”, a move back from my beloved Montreal, Canada (where Danielle lives and was my literally my next door neighbor).

I am smiling as I try my best to describe how I could stand in my corner unit apartment overlooking the beautiful West Vancouver Park and St. Lawrence River and actually at night shine a light and even though Danielle lives a short distance away on the 15th floor on Rue De Gaspe — she could see my light from the 6th floor of 200 Rue De Corot and me hers.

This beautiful friend of mine (inside & out) met thru crazy circumstances and became instant best friends. Our relationship can best be described as SOUL SISTERS. 

We share such a deep connection (stronger than a best friend and even stronger than a sister.)

One of the most difficult challenges I faced leaving all that I loved in Montreal & Ile Des Souers was having to leave Danielle. Never in my life have I experienced such an immense love for & from such a dear friend.

Not to mention, the laughter & creativity we share in each other’s energy and company is nothing short of AMAZING.

On June 6, 2015

Several of friends came to my apartment to wish me well before I headed to the airport to fly back to Florida and when no mention from me of a possible date to return to Canada — the sadness was even more overwhelming.

My Last Morning with Danielle before heading to Airport (Below)

Manifesting with Alena Naron

Manifesting with Alena Naron

Danielle, along with some of my other close friends went to the airport with me.
Fighting tears until the very last Danielle & I chose to focus on saying to one another
“I will see you soon.” With many months behind us now the withdrawal of not being in close proximity and in her company of my best friend has been very painful.
Texts, emails, phone calls are great but they just can’t replace
being in her light and energy.
Every morning and throughout the day we correspond in one way or another and we know the Power of Prayer, the Power of the Law of Attraction, and
the Power of Affirming What You Want.
Our Manifesting Mission is for her to come to SUNNY Florida as soon possible to see me.
The sooner the better. (Yes, there’s more to the story but that will be revealed in a follow-up blog post 😉
Text from Danielle 11/17/2015
Happy Day Sister!
My Wish for You today is that something great happens to you.
“A Miracle”.
Her next text would follow to tell me that she awoke at 4:30 am that morning with a song in her head she recognized the song and it made her smile.
Below is the ABBA song that came to her.
I have a dream, a song to sing
To help me cope with anything
If you see the wonder of a fairy tale
You can take the future even if you fail
I believe in angels
Something good in everything I see
I believe in angels
When I know the time is right for me
I’ll cross the stream, I have a dream

I have a dream, a fantasy
To help me through reality
And my destination makes it worth the while
Pushing through the darkness still another mile
I believe in angels
Something good in everything I see
I believe in angels
When I know the time is right for me
I’ll cross the stream, I have a dream
I’ll cross the stream, I have a dream

I have a dream, a song to sing
To help me cope with anything
If you see the wonder of a fairy tale
You can take the future even if you fail
I believe in angels
Something good in everything I see
I believe in angels
When I know the time is right for me
I’ll cross the stream, I have a dream
I’ll cross the stream, I have a dream.

At the bottom of her text she said,

“I believe in magic”

“I believe in miracles”

and I am living it. 🙂

I love you Sissy and I also wish you a day of Magic & Miracles.


What my dearest friend did not know until I responded to her texts was I had awoke at 5am with same song in my head. Talk about being on the same page and in SYNC!

But the funny thing to me was how you can hear a song for many years and love it, sing it out loud, and really not pay attention to the words.

When Danielle sent me the lyrics to this great song did I stop and say out loud,

“What an incredible song!”

And yes I Believe in Angels, and Fairytales, and I see the Wonder.

May the Manifested Miracle of Danielle’s visit come to fruition very soon

(I keep you posted)

and May All Your Manifested Dreams Come True.

Love & Light

Alena Naron “Missjoyandhappiness”


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I Invite You to Share Your Bestie Stories With Me

Let’s talk about friendship

I want you to share all the things you LOVE about your BFFS 
If it’s your Mom, if it’s your Sister, if it’s your Honey, if it’s your Pal from Kindergarten,…

I want to know all about your best friends and I want to hear about how you crack each other up by just taking silly pictures of each other or how your best friend has been there through tough times to help you through and has been your Shining Light, and how you could not live without your incredibly Awesome BFF.

Update !!! And Guess What For Three Wonderful Weeks this Summer I visited my Bestie in Montreal. Dreams Come True All the Time in My World. Sometimes You Just Need a little Patience.

Below are only a few of the cherished memories I made this Summer with my Best Friend Danielle 😉




On Canada Day 2016

On Canada Day 2016



Shopping Downtown Montreal

Shopping Downtown Montreal


Joyous Laughter, Love, & Fun

Joyous Laughter, Love, & Fun

Saying A Prayer Of Gratitude for our time together & Thanks at a Favorite Cathedral

Saying A Prayer Of Gratitude for our time together & Thanks at a Favorite Cathedral






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The CURE, The Chaplain and the Yoga Teacher

I want to talk to you about THE CURE”.

I was at my yoga studio for my 7:30 pm Gentle Yoga Class—


Prior to my arrival to Yoga Class I had been experiencing higher than normal

Heavenly Intuition  and Clarity. God had been speaking to me throughout my day and filling me with his revelations. Our class began quite differently that evening, my yoga teacher had a lot on her mind and she decided to share some of her stresses with us before starting our class. She begun by telling us how she was having trouble with her young son and how it was impacting her focus and her family. She apologized a few minutes later for sharing her own problems with us because this was not the norm.


We come to yoga to find healing, peace, our own personal oasis from chaos, grief, and stress. Class was finally starting and our teacher took a moment to acknowledge some of the new people there were in class that night. One of the newbies in our class was a lady seated on her mat to my right. She had introduced herself as a Chaplain at the nearby

Moffitt Cancer Center.

Class was now in motion and we practiced our many yoga poses. From Downward Dog to

a Warrior, a Happy Baby, a Tree position, … I found myself an hour later with the rest of the class with my “legs up the wall” (peaceful, meditative position of AHHH!) with sandbags across my hips pushing me deeper into the mat. I was totally mushy with my eye pillow covering my eyes and had now been transported into a very happy place. Not thinking about anything! No thoughts, no worries until God decided to speak. First he told me exactly what I must do at the end of the class.


Assignment #1 — I must approach my yoga teacher and tell her confidently I CAN HELP her son. I am a Life Coach and this would not be something foreign for me to do. I proceeded to listen as God also told me that I would not charge her even though I really could have used the money at the time.

I was instructed to Pay It Forward. I asked God in the studio filled with Yogis in total silence, “How and in what way do you wish for me to help her son?” God soon revealed that the real reason my offer of speaking to her son would be FREE was that God was actually going to heal him of his problem in less than 45 minutes by using me! What an amazing gift God has given me!

The divine messages that I received from him to help and to heal others is truly extraordinary.

There were still a few minutes of meditation left so, I quietly thanked God for this message. Then no sooner than my gratitude prayer had ended God was speaking again to me.

Assignment #2

God said, “After class when you’re putting up your mat, blocks and straps and pillows I want you to talk to the chaplain.” I said, “Ok God I will but what could I possibly tell her that she does not know already?” A sudden discomfort came over me but I knew I had to obey. Even though I had received God’s message I was hesitant. Why? The chaplain seated on her mat to my right had a strange energy that I could not quite explain.

When class had ended I did as I was instructed. First I approached my yoga teacher and I told her I had received a divine message from God and how “I” for no charge,

for FREE would help her son. 

 With eager anticipation of receiving a YES from her after I joyfully expressed that his problem would be instantly healed after what would be an easy life changing appointment for him.

This blessing would benefit her and her family. I was very happy to offer such a miracle to her and to her son but for some reason she became nervous, even agitated. Denying my offer, my help. “I don’t need your help, he’s just fine,” she said. I stood there perplexed because she really had made it a point to share with our class how worried she was about her son and his problem. Again I said, “If  you change your mind the offer still stands. I’d really like to help I said before walking to the back of the studio.


I knelt on the floor to roll my yoga mat and gather my things when I saw the chaplain in the back by the props. I introduced myself as a  Life Coach and highly anointed Child of God. In less than 3 minutes I gave her a rundown about my life and how God works thru me. I told her how God often speaks to me and gives me messages, assignments, miracles of enlightenment.

I just knew and somehow expected her to embrace the next words that would come out of mouth.

I shared with her that God had tonight while in meditation asked me to speak to her and offer my services for Free to help at Moffitt Cancer Center. She rudely replied and said, “What exactly would you offer?” I said, “Well, You work at the Cancer Center and God has given me amazing power to heal and transform people by instilling hope, energy, and love then I asked if perhaps she knew of any volunteer positions for 1 to 2 days a week where I could impact some of the people suffering from cancer?” No one had prepared me for what would come next! Since you were not there please allow me to describe this woman to you—where you can have a better image of clarity.

Love Has the Ability to Cure

The Cure

Pasty, ghostly white skin , in her late 60’s , her ICY COLD expression and demeanor was emotionless and was so not approachable.

But who am I to judge, all I knew was that she was working for God and with people who are suffering from cancer and God asked me to speak to her.

 Now what she said next I guess should have been of no surprise to me but it still was!

Her exterior, her energy, her body language was telling me what her interior (inside) could not.



Until she opened her mouth and she proceeded to tell me that the Cancer Center was just fine with their staff and they already had people “like me” and they didn’t need me or my services! I took a deep breath and I said nicely, “You don’t know how anointed I am and it would be my pleasure to help in any way, shape or form. I am sure there is some way I can help, I said.Then she actually got upset as I handed her my card. I knew she wouldn’t call me but I had to be obedient to what God was telling me. Discouraged and sad I left class utterly speechless. I walked to my car and before I put the keys in the ignition I had a conversation with God.

“God,  I just don’t understand, I did as you instructed me you for it was YOU who had given me your divine messages.” I could not help my yoga teacher and her son nor the chaplain and those at the cancer center. With such despair God my special gifts which are your GIFTS had been rejected!


I don’t understand why people ask for miracles,

                                  people ask for help,

                                  people ask for healing, …

 and yet you send someone like myself who is highly favored by you and would be an answer to their prayers and they say “No!” They respond that they don’t need help, or need healing,… I did not hear a response from God but I knew I’d been faithful to his instructions that evening.


It’s amazing how I am filled on a daily basis with KNOWING,

the kind of knowing that can only come from God.

Filled with faith I am able to walk up to a stranger (whomever God instructs me to speak to) with a divine message from God. It is truly exceptional how I never know exactly what I’m going to say how I’m going to say it until I approach them — I open my mouth and somehow my mouth is connected to “my heart” and my heart is connected to “my head” and my head is beamed and filled with the heavenly download from GodThat’s when everything flows perfectly out of my mouth! With God’s words of Love, Peace, Compassion, and Miracles. But yet so many don’t want these miracles. They had rather let pride and denial and even FEAR block the messages and healing God is sending through me to them.


 I drove home that night thinking how I had expressed to the yoga teacher God had given me an answer, THE ANSWER for her son. Then how I had stood before the chaplain who was more concerned with her own ego and self righteousness, and her insecurity that maybe somebody else other than herself might be filled with the love of God and that her own issues had made her reject the prescription, the healing, and THE CURE that he (God) wanted me to share with the Moffitt Cancer Center’s patients.


Thoughts filled me days later and I thought of how I might call the Cancer Center and speak to someone else about offering my services but God had already sent me another divine assignment and this time would be different — The people he sent me to had been anxiously awaiting the message he had for them.


My question to you is

Do You really want your “miracle?”

Are you open to hearing and receiving a divine message from God?

Are your ears ready to hear the message and is your heart ready to receive the answer?

And is your mind open enough to believe that God can work through 

Earthbound Angels like myself to bring you the perfect answers

of his healing and love?

 If You Are Reach Out to Me and Get Ready For the Miraculous

I am a Healer, Transformational Life Coach, Life Stylist and God has Gifted me

with the ability to live without limitations (God is unlimited and desires for us to be, and to live with Infinite Possibilities).


Happy Day

Alena Naron



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Angel On Assignment

Your Angel On Assignment – I laughing out loud as I type this because still it amazes me how wild it feels to be assigned DIVINE Assignments by God.

In the 80’s/90’s I remember watching Touched by an Angel with and how each of them were divinely directed to help someone in need. I liked that show and would think from time to time how cool would that be to have a Hotline to God. I was naive because God had already given me that gift. The gift of Direction, Heavenly insight but I just thought I was being kind to people, and my greatest desire was to help others. Sure I could see the change, the healing.

Angel on Assignment

Angel on Assignment

Having the ability to Light Up The Darkness wherever I go still leaves me in AWE. With a grateful heart I say often with joyous jubilation to Jesus, “A HIGH FIVE and a “Big Hallejuah” for the Blessings. Living in such captivating lift of Spirit, immense Love, and Joy – I am so very blessed.

Chosen by God to go wherever he sends me to whoever needs me at any given time

and many times there is no advance notice only the voice of God saying , “GO!”

There are very few  that God can use to help others because most want to be a Receiver not a giver of encouragement, help, compassion, …) But when we realize when we give of ourselves we receive even more than we give. A happy heart knowing we helped another and it always comes back to us in an even bigger blessing.

I am gifted by God because I was open and asked to be.

Bring it on Jesus I say each day.

Bring on the blessings,

Bring on the miracles,

Bring on the healing that you pass through me to help others.

I am grateful beyond words to be living in the light and living as a Miracle child of God.

Here is a short voice recording of an anointed week in June

and how the Divine sent me different directions, places, to deliver messages, to bless, and to heal.

I received a divine message from God to open my heart to you that are need of prayer

please contact me at Pen Paper Prayers

My heart’s desire is that to pray over your name & request

and May You Be Blessed with the MIRACLE that you seek.

For Christian Transformational Life Coaching & Wellness & Healing


please contact me @ Blessings, Healing, and Prayers


With Love,

Alena  aka “Missjoyandhappiness”

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Wayne Dyer – I AM LIGHT

Wayne Dyer – I AM LIGHT

Since Christmas when I was gifted with a 3rd row ticket to see Dr. Wayne Dyer in Montreal I have been on Cloud 9. I had seen Wayne Dyer in Montreal back in 2011 for the very first time and it was life changing.

Back then I had been invited by a friend to attend his Wishes Fulfilled Conference

now that I am very familiar and an avid FAN of Wayne Dyer and his gift of positivity and LIGHT I just couldn’t wait for May to arrive. I was overjoyed because my 3 rd row ticket also included a Private Reception Pass to meet him.

With two books in my hand I waited anxiously in a line of about 80 people to meet him.

Earlier that morning I had a copy of my own book that I’d written

“Expecting and Accepting the Unexpected Daydreaming with God.”

For months I had waited for the right divine inspiration before writing a personal message to Dr. Dyer inside my book that I wished to give him.

With only an hour before I needed to head downtown to Place Des Arts to attend the

I AM LIGHT conference heavenly inspiration came over me and this is what I wrote

to Dr. Dyer.


Wayne Dyer - I AM LIGHT

Wayne Dyer I AM LIGHT Montreal 2015



Dear Mr. Dyer the journey which has brought me to this exceptional place where I now stand before you in this divine meeting is such a blessing.

Three years ago the magical happened here in Montreal when I first heard you speak —

the inner contentment and sense of selfless spirit you continue to share and your inspiring wisdom is such a gift.

They who “inspire” others are the most blessed and fortunate as I am now.

I have been divinely inspired by you and have gone on to inspire others. What more can we as carriers of the “light” possibly ask from God?

As he smiles at the spirit, human heart, mind and transforms our being from the light which first originated in us.

I thank God for your illuminated path and empowering words that fill the inspiring books you have written to bring the knowledge and light to myself and to others.

Within me you have inspired more manifested miracles and the greater knowing that

I am and have a lighted path to be a beacon in the darkness.

The light of one which illuminates in your words, writing, and speech …

God has chosen you as an illuminator, motivator, and to add brilliance to our world

Unless someone “gifts” another with the power, the love, and the knowledge that you are “light” I am Light, he is Light, she is Light, then we have not experienced the true light within ourselves which God has given us.

God’s will is for each one of us to allow the divine light to enter in.

You are light,
I am light

May we both continue this anointed  journey to brighten  others with our divine gift and

May our lights forever illuminate in the transforming fulfillment of others.

Forever shine your light bright

Filled with Gratitude and Love
Alena Naron


IMG_5884IMG_5888  IMG_5877

It was a day I Had Manifested and a moment I will never forget.

Anything is possible if you just believe — because I believed in this divine meeting back in 2011.

Some manifestations happen in an INSTANT in my world others take a little more time but always come to fruition perfectly.



I Welcome You to Embrace All The Wonderful Possibilities that are before you.

Please contact me for Transformational Life Coaching & Wellness

You Really Can have the life you have always dreamed of.


















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