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Let's start the journey together of your amazing personal transformation and wellbeing as I guide, positively activate, lead, encourage and support you in the experience of your self-awareness that you have the ability, the talent, the health, to move towards a more enriched life.

I have been working with individuals for over 20 years.

My Gifts exceed those of a "Life Coach".
As a Life Stylist, Transformational Specialist
and Miracle Manifestor, God has given me the Divine Gifts of compassion, healing words, spiritual wisdom and direction to have wonderfully blessed the lives of so many by creating life changing healing to those who I have worked with.
"I Have Been There" and my own personal life lessons and  experience has given me powerful insight and guidance for Overcoming Anything in Life and that NOTHING is impossible for you to achieve.
I thank God for the knowledge, healing, love and light he has allowed me to bless other with, and my own life journey which has brought me to this exceptional place.

I consider myself very blessed and fortunate to be Divinely Inspired and have made it my Personal Mission, Goal to Inspire You.
What more can I ask for as a Transformational Specialist than to smile at each human heart, mindset that has been transformed from and to the light which first originated from my will and desire to allow God's Gift of Light to change me.


God chose me as an Illuminator because unless something is in you, you can't see it in someone else. My desire for each & every one of you is to Forever Shine Bright in your own life's journey.

My greatest desire is for you to "Get On Your Life Path as soon as possible" Heal yourself financially, mentally, emotionally, even physically,  I can and will empower you to reach your personal/business success and bring light and positivity with an emotional freedom which will open you to your self-awareness and enable you to have more creativity, love, abundance, better relationships,  by releasing and clearing out limiting beliefs of what has been holding you back from living the quality, happy, fulfilling life you were meant to live.

Are you Unsure of Your Purpose in Life?
Stuck in the Past and Worried About Your Future?

I can't wait to introduce You to the

Life You Are Meant To Live 
Designing an Individual Coaching Program for You
 You will find it is possible for you to move from where you are now to where you want to be and living the life you have always dreamed of by
* You will learn how to pursue inspirations fearlessly
* Removing negative emotions and overcome.
* Reducing or eliminating pain,
* Implement & Achieve Positive Goals
* Embrace Inspiration
* Learn to Live More Mindfully
* Manifest What You Desire

Light & Love in 30 minutes
$75.00 (30 minutes)

Happy Hour
$150.00 an hour

Wellness Warrior
3 Month Special Pricing


Compassion and Passion for what I do in my coaching will lead you on the road to recovery, improving the quality of your life, and putting you on the road towards a new you.

Infinite Possibilities are yours if you just believe.

Destination Happy Retreats (Individual One on One and Group Retreats)

You must be the change you want to see in this world. -Mahatma Gandhi

Are you ready for a weekend of dream and spiritual illumination?
Meditation, Relaxation and Personal Transformation and My Personalized Life Coaching, Yoga, sessions which will reenergize, enlighten, ignite, and reawaken your inner passion, creativity, and purpose.