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I am just an ordinary woman turned "extraordinary" through circumstances. I touch others through my own tragedies by giving them hope and encouragement and reminding them that sometimes the richest people are those who have endured tragedy, pain, sadness, and struggle, allowing them to lead a more abundant life. Never would I change my life experiences.

My BookIn Alena Naron's new book ‘Expecting and Accepting The Unexpected’ presents new theory on manifesting individualized, desired change in life.

Parting the Red Sea or turning water into wine may take an act from God but turning most desires or life setbacks into everyday miracles is within your power according a new book by personal growth writer, Alena Naron. In “Expecting and Accepting The Unexpected: Daydreaming with God” (published by Balboa Press) Naron provides readers with a new approach to manifest personal desires, change, and satisfaction through a series of practical empowerment thoughts and actions.


Neither a preacher or a counselor, Naron is a self-proclaimed fashionista who has spent most of her time on the runway and selling vintage fashion. Hers is not a story of “finding” God, but one of financial adversities, terminal illness, and sexual abuse that was overcome time and again through a lifetime of personal growth and faith. The book’s ultimate goal is to help readers strengthen their faith in God, making their own adversities look less like parting the Red Sea and more like sewing a button.

Inspired by actual miracles that Naron has witnessed, “Expecting and Accepting The Unexpected: Daydreaming with God” shows readers how they too can achieve incredible things by daydreaming with God and encourages them to try out her way of life.


“You can make wishes while you throw your pennies into a fountain. You can read your horoscope or a fortune cookie, and carry a lucky rabbit’s foot to ward away harm,” says Naron. “But by writing you own ‘happy story endings,’ you eliminate the need for luck to change your world. Only thoughts, dreams, writing and believing in the impossible.”

Alena's Story

My greatest gift is my endless compassion for others, and my sincerest hope is to bring each and every one of you the gift of pure joy, the kind of joy that enlarges your heart and brings tears to your eyes. I have laughed at adversity, tragedy, failure, poor health, and financial devastation. Yet I am so very rich!    ~Alena Naron

Yes, it was God who told me to contact you through my book and his words. If you met me personally, you would understand this is not my ego talking. I am only repeating what God told me. I am. You are. We are all destined for greatness! ~Alena Naron