The Power Of Love

Love Can Transform and Overcome Anything

Love Can Transform and Overcome Anything

Before & After “What Are You Waiting For?”

Isn't Time for a Life Makeover?

Isn’t Time for a Life Makeover?


Have You been standing on the line between Before (The Past) and trying to Move Forward to After? Heaven knows I have been there many times in my life but the great news I am here to move you past the past (the ugly stuff) and get you on the fast track to moving into the exciting now and the fabulous future!

My life changing Life Empowerment Techniques and Coaching will get you where you need to be. Present in today and excited about all the things you have and you can be.

If  You are exhausted teeter tottering back and forth on the defining line of Past and Present

I would love to help you in moving on and living the best life you possibly can.







I Don’t Think I Can Empower You

I KNOW I CAN! After 100’s of Life Changing Empowerment Journeys in Wellness and Fear Eliminating Limited Beliefs that Block and Paralyze one’s open channel to prosperity, health, and happy I am here inviting you to personally step away from your past and take the first step on your way to a brighter future. Email me @ or call me @ 813-770-4613

Let’s Do It Together.



Same Day Delivery

Listen To The Inspiration That Hit Me On My Saturday Morning Drive To Starbucks


Unlocking Your Purpose

Overcoming Obstacles

                    Overcoming Obstacles

 Unlocking Your Purpose


There are certain times in our lives

when a voice (inner voice)

whispers to us.

The voice doesn’t always talk.

Usually we hear it best when we are sick an tired of being sick and tired. Inside of every person is the knowledge that there is something we can do with passion & purpose in our lives. 

Sometimes a restlessness occurs and it makes you feel that you need to be doing something or you need to be going somewhere or maybe you start wondering who am I? When this happens, you feel lost.

Inside of everyone is the natural, built-in desire to be living a life with more peace, passion, creativity, love, and purpose.

No one can force you to make this journey. You must make this journey because You want to. This journey is not on the outside. The path is inside of ourselves. It is inside that you must begin our search. 

As a Life Coach, I have experienced Personal Transformation

in my clients

while I have been coaching them to UNLOCK

and realize their true gifts, talents, passions.

I would Love to help you to Become Your Very Best

and  for You to

Experience & Enjoy 

the Beautiful Infinite Life of Possibilities

You were meant to live.

For Transformational Life & Health Coaching

Please Call me at 813-770-4613


Motivation, Encouragement, Inspiration, and Complete Life

Turnaround in Your Relationships & Business and Home Life are only a call away.

Let’s start the Journey together.


With Love & Transformation Light

Alena Naron “Missjoyandhappiness”

To overcome obstacles business or personal, you must master these areas:
  1. Embrace Self-Awareness.
  2. Use Time to Your Advantage.
  3. Commit to Focused Discipline.
  4. Engage Your Own Creativity.



Are you ready to unlock your power and purpose?

, let me ask you a few questions have you recently felt like you’d like to be doing more with your life
Do you often desire to use your gifts your natural talents to help others and to contribute to the world
Do you ever wonder if this is all there is to life I thought there could be more

Deep down in your soul you know that life can be filled with more creativity expression

You were created to live your best life ever and I personally believe we all were put on this planet with a life purpose something that individually is unique to each one of us
But trying to decide what exactly this purpose is can be overwhelming guess what I can help you unlock it by helping you explore and discover your unique gifts passions and values.

I can help you unlock the locks / limitations in your life, career, relationships that have seemed  before like deadbolts permanently locked & shut to

open doors of Destiny to your life purpose.

You will soon love what you do in your life & career. You will become so passionate about what you are doing and feel as if you just wait to jump out of bed each day to start a new day. I would love help you in your quest for personal growth.

God has given me ability to touch people and they are instantly changed for the better

( health, midst, success, happiness, peace, …

Everyone in the world can have a Divine Life

Great possibilities are within your reach if you dare to believe

I am here to help you find your place your purpose unlock the door New Beginnings
So many times I limited myself by thinking the door was permanently locked I had to sell discover that I I was the one holding myself back the door was always open

The Drive To Empowerment

Dear God,

What am I doing today?

I’m letting FEAR get in my way! You’ve shown me over and over again— God your Power and your Strength. Why am I doing this I ask myself and why am I letting fear win?!  I was feeling great and then this morning after I completely woke up then somehow this little situation/problem has grown bigger and bigger! And now has grown so out of proportion. Is this obstacle that I am challenged with a deal breaker, a dead end, the end of the world, …?  This challenge that I face that stresses me out this morning — well, others outside might look in and say,  “Why are you stressing about that?”

Well, regardless I am!

I was in Poor Me, Pity Party Mode.

My defense and Happy Recovery from negativity was lost but this is what I did to Take Back MY HAPPY!

Threw on my clothes, marched out to my car, No Smile on my face just discouragement ;( but my attitude was changing from woe is me to what happened next.

I got in the car, put the keys in the ignition and I took a drive.

Not an ordinary drive. A drive where I could change my fear to Faith!

And what did I do you might ask to turn my frown to Fearlessness and then to Happy?

I have learned as a Christian and as an Empowered Woman of God that we need to stop being passive and shy about putting the Devil (Satan) in his place. We need to RISE UP and get off our ass and grab the commanding sword of the spirit which is Ours by divine right and as a child of God and say leave me the hell alone Devil! Whatever is holding you back and tormenting you tell him to hit the highway you are a child of God and you deserve Peace, Joy, Health, Happiness, …

Sure you can do this in a sweet little voice but even as sweet and cheery as I am “Missjoyandhappiness”

I had reached a point where that sweetness had to turn into commanding Victory and to have a commanding Victory I had to Take Charge and Remember God’s promises. There is nothing to Fear.

I began to yell and scream (Praise God my car windows were rolled all the way up)

My voice suddenly changed from soft & sweet to a deeper, very LOUD and Devil Defeating commanding one. Though I was seated in my car and driving I felt as if I was Standing Up Tall and my shoulders were Back with My Chest out and then came more Yelling, Screaming. I will not take this nor accept this torment today and I began to talk, to command to my Mountain, to my Fear.


Ephesians 6:11 “Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the schemes of the devil.”

“I’ve had enough of you ( I said to my stress, my mountain that i was going to soon level and walk on top of!) and I command you to get the heck out of my way!”

I am going to do this with great power (God’s Power & Conviction)

I am going to get there.

I am going to achieve this and then I took a deep breath and looked up to the heavens and thanked God for my Victory in advance. You may think this is silly or you may think this is Extreme but every time I do this I see change.

I will not allow circumstances to dictate my life. God didn’t create each & every one of us to be consumed with gloom & Doom, Stress & Fear,… He loves us and wants the very best for us.

When I made those 3 separate trips to heaven in my NDE Near Death Experiences

Oh the Enlightenment and Filling of the Holy Spirit I now have on a daily basis.

But that’s My Story.

We Limit Ourselves by Our Limiting Beliefs, Our own condemning words of negativity.

I’m only as strong as my words and my faith.

Faith and Inspiration

Faith and Inspiration

I’m now taking my drive and I am yelling and screaming in the car telling the devil he has to flee then speaking to God (my head honcho, my Daddy, my Miracle Maker, …and saying how confident I am of his Miracles and Promises.

Sure the people beside me at the red light think I have lost my mind but, I don’t care. It’s better doing this than being in a grumpy mood or passive in drowned in defeat and fear. It was only a short drive down the road 18 minutes to be exact but I feel better. Incredibly Peaceful, so back home I go with more motivation and with more faith that my problem will be answered.  I am and will have the most amazing day today.

Are You Letting Your Fear Dictate Who You Are and What You Can Achieve?

If You need a Christian Life Coach – In Invite You to please give me a call. Through God’s promises and faith I will help Elevate you to a better place.


I am your Wellness Warrior – Here To Help You

May God Bless You in all that you do and May You Stand Tall in Victory Today and May Your Heart Be Filled With Praise.

With Love, Encouragement, Empowerment, and Motivation




Alena Naron

The Power of the Written Word (Part 1)

power of the written word

Discover the power of the written word

Every Day I spend a few minutes in the morning before I walk out the door and write down what I would like to experience in my NEW day. Then again in the afternoon when I sit down with an afternoon coffee. Why You Ask? Because writing your written desires down as if they have already come to fruition or have come true CAN & WILL bring your dreams from just that “A DREAM” to your current reality.

Manifesting Your Reality 

What is Manifesting you might ask?

Manifesting is the art of co-creation with God, Spirit, and the Universe..

So what does it take to manifest your reality?


Step 1 – Be clear about what you want


Ask Yourself 

“What Do I Really Want to Experience in my Day Today?
  • I can be one sentence or a long paragraph both have POWER!(I have even been on the bus or metro and only had a brief second and wrote down on a scrap piece of paper I pulled out of my pocket *Favorable Outcomes* and *Divine Completion Today*. Nothing fancy just what I wanted to experience that day regarding my business.
  • Warning: NO NEGATIVE or NEGATING WORDS in YOUR DESIRE. For example, instead of saying “I don’t want to worry about bills ever again” say, “all of my bills a paid with ease out of the surplus of my earnings”
  • In addition, state your desire in the PRESENT TENSE. If you write down that you want this thing or that thing, then what you will get is a constant state of wanting it! Remember that your subconscious mind is literal. State your desires in the Present tense as if you already have it.
  • An easy way to state your desire in the present is to write it down in the form of gratitude. Write it as a prayer to God saying “Thank you for giving me . . .” or “Thank you for my having . . . ” or better still “I am so grateful for having . . .” This not only keeps you in the present, it adds the powerful attractive energy of gratitude to your manifesting.
 Step #3 – Understand that you choose what you want,
                  God decides how and when it will happen.
Let Go of the How, When, Where, and Focus on your manifested desire as already taken care of. God heard you the first time 😉 when you wrote in past tense your desire. Let him answer your manifested prayer/desire his way (the best way).

 Step #3

  1. Keep your eyes open & when inspiration strikes Be Fearless and Go In That Direction and Follow Your Intuition. That is where the Blessings are. God often challenges me and when Spirit takes over and says, Alena, Go Here or Call So and So which may not seem to be familiar or explainable rather than thinking why or making complete sense of the intuitive lead from Spirit I just do it! I choose acting in Faith not dismissal of what could be a heavenly hunch from the almighty.
 My Life is Beyond Ordinary and How Do I Keep It That Way?
By not settling for things to just happen. Forget that. I know from the moment I awake what I’d love to experience before I get dressed

Words Have Power (Below are only a few of my morning written desires)

  1. Great Hair Day (Don’t Laugh)
  2. Easy , effortless ALL GREEN LIGHTS on the road (And it really works) 14 Green lights in a row is normal for me 😉
  3.  New Clients on my website, Sales in my Ebay store,…
  4. Happy Surprises, Free Stuff, Upgrades, and Super Favor from God (Blessings & Miracles)
  5. To be open and receptive to what God wants for me. Where to go, who to bless, …
  6. What would i like to create in my New Day – art, blogs, writing a new chapter in my new book I am working on,…
  7. Perfect Timing, Open Doors, Opportunities, Awareness, Clarity, Revelation, Inspiration, Intuitive leads,…
  8. All Knowing (no Doubt that I am truly deserving of the GREAT STUFF!)
So You Can Personalize Your Own Words to Make Your Day
One That Will Be  Nothing Short of Amazing!

In My Book  Expecting & Accepting The Unexpected Day Dreaming With God I also give you many personal examples of how the affirmative written word

has Infinite Power that connects you to a more positive result and frees your mind to focus and create other positive things.

My favorite way to  sum it up is My Desires go up to God then my pen writes the words like my desire has already been answered. Just like Jesus Christ said, “It Is Written” and “So It Shall Be!”

I also like to write some wacky, crazier than CRAZY things that most people would say would be so unlikely to happen, or would call 1 in a Million, ….

But guess what they happen MORE than just once in awhile to Me and they can happen to YOU too!

What A Man Thinketh He Can Become or Acquire.
Yeah Baby, I giggle because I think of ALL the countless things I write for myself , my friends, family, and for my clients and guess again?
They receive the blessings I write for them.
How do I possibly keep track of all the things I have written and account for when the idea or spiritual, emotional, or material gift becomes my reality….
There are just too many Miracles!
In my Gratitude Journal I thank God for the miracle of what I had written in my journal or diary or even my personal favorite on a Starbuck’s napkin.
Then I go back on the original written statement and put a check mark, a smiley face 😉 and a heart beside it with the date the manifestation came true.

Some happen in an instant before i even finish writing my stated wish, desire while others take a little more GOD Power and come whenever they are divinely meant to come

It may take an hour, a day, maybe three, a week, a month, ….
But here’s the important thing

THEY DO COME! So if you want something COOL to happen today

Stop What You Are Doing and Go Grab Yourself a Pen and
a Piece of Paper.

I AM So Excited For You

Just remember a lack of faith can delay the Miracle, the answered prayer that is waiting for you.

God Bless You & May The Miracle You Seek Be Seeking You.



For Personal Empowerment, Healing, Career or Personal Challenges and How to Overcome Limiting Beliefs That are Holding You Back –

I would love to help you through my Transformational Life Coaching. Are You Ready For Change? Let me help you.

With Love & Light

Alena Naron “Missjoyandhappiness”

Manifesting with My Bestie (BFF)

For over a month I have been playfully Manifesting with my Bestie “Best Friend” “Danielle.”

We have been creating Manifesting Games, sending each other Empowering Texts & Emails, Creating Songs that add to the Manifesting Fun, Adding to our Dream Boards, saying our Prayers and Affirmations… Why?

Because I am missing my Bestie more than I can express.

After a “Life Change”, a move back from my beloved Montreal, Canada (where Danielle lives and was my literally my next door neighbor).

I am smiling as I try my best to describe how I could stand in my corner unit apartment overlooking the beautiful West Vancouver Park and St. Lawrence River and actually at night shine a light and even though Danielle lives a short distance away on the 15th floor on Rue De Gaspe — she could see my light from the 6th floor of 200 Rue De Corot and me hers.

This beautiful friend of mine (inside & out) met thru crazy circumstances and became instant best friends. Our relationship can best be described as SOUL SISTERS. 

We share such a deep connection (stronger than a best friend and even stronger than a sister.)

One of the most difficult challenges I faced leaving all that I loved in Montreal & Ile Des Souers was having to leave Danielle. Never in my life have I experienced such an immense love for & from such a dear friend.

Not to mention, the laughter & creativity we share in each other’s energy and company is nothing short of AMAZING.

On June 6, 2015

Several of friends came to my apartment to wish me well before I headed to the airport to fly back to Florida and when no mention from me of a possible date to return to Canada — the sadness was even more overwhelming.

My Last Morning with Danielle before heading to Airport (Below)

Manifesting with Alena Naron

Manifesting with Alena Naron

Danielle, along with some of my other close friends went to the airport with me.
Fighting tears until the very last Danielle & I chose to focus on saying to one another
“I will see you soon.” With many months behind us now the withdrawal of not being in close proximity and in her company of my best friend has been very painful.
Texts, emails, phone calls are great but they just can’t replace
being in her light and energy.
Every morning and throughout the day we correspond in one way or another and we know the Power of Prayer, the Power of the Law of Attraction, and
the Power of Affirming What You Want.
Our Manifesting Mission is for her to come to SUNNY Florida as soon possible to see me.
The sooner the better. (Yes, there’s more to the story but that will be revealed in a follow-up blog post 😉
Text from Danielle 11/17/2015
Happy Day Sister!
My Wish for You today is that something great happens to you.
“A Miracle”.
Her next text would follow to tell me that she awoke at 4:30 am that morning with a song in her head she recognized the song and it made her smile.
Below is the ABBA song that came to her.
I have a dream, a song to sing
To help me cope with anything
If you see the wonder of a fairy tale
You can take the future even if you fail
I believe in angels
Something good in everything I see
I believe in angels
When I know the time is right for me
I’ll cross the stream, I have a dream

I have a dream, a fantasy
To help me through reality
And my destination makes it worth the while
Pushing through the darkness still another mile
I believe in angels
Something good in everything I see
I believe in angels
When I know the time is right for me
I’ll cross the stream, I have a dream
I’ll cross the stream, I have a dream

I have a dream, a song to sing
To help me cope with anything
If you see the wonder of a fairy tale
You can take the future even if you fail
I believe in angels
Something good in everything I see
I believe in angels
When I know the time is right for me
I’ll cross the stream, I have a dream
I’ll cross the stream, I have a dream.

At the bottom of her text she said,

“I believe in magic”

“I believe in miracles”

and I am living it. 🙂

I love you Sissy and I also wish you a day of Magic & Miracles.


What my dearest friend did not know until I responded to her texts was I had awoke at 5am with same song in my head. Talk about being on the same page and in SYNC!

But the funny thing to me was how you can hear a song for many years and love it, sing it out loud, and really not pay attention to the words.

When Danielle sent me the lyrics to this great song did I stop and say out loud,

“What an incredible song!”

And yes I Believe in Angels, and Fairytales, and I see the Wonder.

May the Manifested Miracle of Danielle’s visit come to fruition very soon

(I keep you posted)

and May All Your Manifested Dreams Come True.

Love & Light

Alena Naron “Missjoyandhappiness”


If You Need to Redesign Your Life

I Am Ready and Excited To Help You.



I Invite You to Share Your Bestie Stories With Me

Let’s talk about friendship

I want you to share all the things you LOVE about your BFFS 
If it’s your Mom, if it’s your Sister, if it’s your Honey, if it’s your Pal from Kindergarten,…

I want to know all about your best friends and I want to hear about how you crack each other up by just taking silly pictures of each other or how your best friend has been there through tough times to help you through and has been your Shining Light, and how you could not live without your incredibly Awesome BFF.

Update !!! And Guess What For Three Wonderful Weeks this Summer I visited my Bestie in Montreal. Dreams Come True All the Time in My World. Sometimes You Just Need a little Patience.

Below are only a few of the cherished memories I made this Summer with my Best Friend Danielle 😉




On Canada Day 2016

On Canada Day 2016



Shopping Downtown Montreal

Shopping Downtown Montreal


Joyous Laughter, Love, & Fun

Joyous Laughter, Love, & Fun

Saying A Prayer Of Gratitude for our time together & Thanks at a Favorite Cathedral

Saying A Prayer Of Gratitude for our time together & Thanks at a Favorite Cathedral






Awakening Your Intuition

Awakening Your Intuition with Alena Naron - Miracle Life Coach

Awakening Your Intuition

Awakening Your Intuition

When was the last time you had that hunch to go somewhere, that excitement to do something out of the ordinary, or heard that voice that whispered softly for you to follow?

For as long as I can remember even when I was a small child I’ve been filled with incredible simply divine intuition. Yes I’m extremely intuitive and the paths that intuition has lead me down have been life changing and filled with extraordinary miracles that many times are almost unexplainable because the stories of how I followed those hunches, that divine knowing to go somewhere on a whim, or to do something just because I heard that inner voice prompting me to do so – always to be rewarded with a happy ending and important discovery, or simply to be a blessing to another!

Here’s the great news —

I can help you learn how to be more intuitive.

This Awakening of Your Intuition will have several blog posts on this topic since as you well know Intuition takes practice but with more experience and stillness you will soon become more aware and confident in both trusting and following your inner voice.

You will need to take a few steps to awaken your intuition and let it know that you are ready and willing to listen and follow what your intuition will soon tell you.

How do you prepare your mind to be more mindful

 and to waken your intuition?

First by slowing down by Chillin’.

We are like to do that right? Tell the local news on tv, CSI, the Bachelor,

Say Yes to the Dress, KIM K. and her Kardashian sistersCNN … that you have a special assignment that is going to take you some extraordinary places in life and you will have to skip their shows and welcome the adventures, fun, rewards, gifts, and miracles you are soon going to receive by listening to the voice.

Not, The Voice with Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, Christina Aguilera, Pharrell Williams, …but that inner voice inside of you

that will lead you to your true desires..

Ok back to Intuition 101


Begin by quieting your mind and becoming more mindful.

Learning to be comfy cozy with silence.

I remember years ago I always would have to have the radio on or the TV running in the background. Silence made me very uncomfortable. I had to be distracted it seemed that in those moments of shhhhhh sadness, failure, stress of my past would come like Space Invaders and try to overtake my mind with negative thoughts and fear. The quiet and the silence was not welcomed and being distracted made me feel ok.

But who wants to be just ok? Settle for average, just going thru the motions, and not allowing the Emotions of Happy to overtake you – Not me!

And you should not either.

Once I learned to embrace the silence and learned how to focus on the peace, the being in the moments things began to happen in super miraculous ways. The Voice, (the voice inside of me) the inner knowing of direction, the infinite intuition soon would fill me as I moved into a quiet peaceful place of acceptance. A place of no distractions or agendas.

Here we go! Are you ready to feel mushy?

That’s what I like to call it. Mushy like a marshmallow. In my marshmallow place I become more receptive and in this infinite place my intuition becomes its very best.

You can name your state of zen and enlightenment whatever you’d like?

But first I have to help you reach your Elevated State of Knowing.

Let’s practice the following exercises

Relax. AHHHHHHH. Say it with me AHHHHH. Seemes easy, sounds simple.  But if you’re overworked, stressed out, your brain has gone wacky and needs to be rewired due to extreme multi-tasking and I realize

Letting Go” and “Becoming Mindful” sounds like a trip to outer space.

You’re going to Love this!

Go find a super comfortable place to sit. Whether it be on your yoga mat, your favorite place on the couch or recliner, or even on the floor,

Close your eyes and lets’ begin.

I know what you are thinking at this exact moment. How you might ask? No, I can’t read your exact thoughts but I know with a doubt

“You Are Still Thinking!” The topic or thoughts are not important but the thinking part is.  I know your mind is going from place to place from here to there, covering topic to topic, issue to issue, conversations that went on during your day or you’re making lists “to do lists”, or you’re going over plans you need to do, and if you are not doing those things perhaps You are judging, analyzing, worrying, …

Tell your brain to stop right there!

No More, No Mas (Spanish)!

Tell your brain you are taking a timeout from all the busy-ness and you are going to start feelingaccepting, and receiving all the Happy-ness

you can handle.

Quietly let your mantra be “These things will be there even after I’m done but right now its just me and this is my time to just sit to relax to breathe and to learn how to become more intuitive.

Breathe in, breathe out. Repeat. Oh Yes, You can start to begin to feel the tension just melt away. Your mind and spirit are becoming more peaceful and more accepting of this wonderful space.

Now open your eyes and sit quietly.

 How do you feel? More relaxed is the goal.

As you keep breathing notice if the chatter or stress continues to tease you, to taunt you,…

Say Yeah, You Joy StealerYou Bully — Sure I hear you and I accept again that I have things to do but this is my time and you must go now!

No and’s, if’s, or but’s! Not even a pretty please!

I welcome you now into the sacred space. Where you are now is a very wonderful place of being present.  Boy do I know what you’re going to say next?  “But Alena I’m so busy, with so much to do…

I’m always rushing, I always have countless things to do Alena, it just never ends!” I never have enough time.

I’ve heard it before and I used to say the exact same things.

We all tend to be more focused on what we need to do tomorrow and what we should have done yesterday. Sadly our focus is always on anything but the present of now.

I encourage you to just take a moment and look around you.

Whether you’re scanning your apartment or looking throughout your house please find something to focus on. Your options are endless. It could be a picture of loved ones in your family or a beautiful souvenir you bought in Europe or on that long vacation last summer or something you may have inherited from your mother or your aunt. It can be anything as long as it holds a positive loving vibration and memory for you. Let it bring you back to that place of happy and only happy!

After taking a few moments to cherish that memory and that moment

Wha-la shish boom ba You have already opened the door to intuitive possibilities because you now have awaken your senses to gratitude, love, and to joy just by holding a positive memory.

Tomorrow when you do the same exercise and find another object or something in nature like a flower, a tree, a color, something to appreciate.

Now I want you to welcome and embrace the sounds that you hear appreciating that sound, with total focus only on that one sound.

It could be the sound of a bird singing, the sound of wind moving thru the trees, anything as long as the sound you have personally chosen holds a comfortable soothing vibration for you.

 Feel it Baby, Feel it!

No nothing naughty. Just to totally become aware of the feeling of touch.

Life Coaching with Great ResultsI want you to turn your attention to your sense of touch. Let your hand reach out and touch something nearby. A soft pillow, a intricate fiber in your rug, a blade of grass, a flower,…

Now sharpen your sense of smell.

Wherever you are close your eyes and focus on breathing in and out evenly. Bring your attention to the aromas and fragrances in the air. What if you don’t smell anything? Well that’s a wonderful thing too. Fresh Air that is!

It is not your job to smell what’s in the air around you trying to analyze it or pick it apart to find out exactly what it is. Your intention is only to notice it.

With mindfulness you begin to look at things differently, touch, smell, hear, accept, and love and appreciate things in a completely different manner.

So much of the time we are preoccupied and even our thoughts that fill our minds when we are eating, drinking, chewing, walking, driving, even talking to someone else — We are not in the present and we may be only hearing half the conversation, only tasting a small taste of the food, and only noticing a small picture of what is actually in front of us and around us.

Cheating ourselves and others out of the experience.

Because our brain is too busy trying to figure out all the jibber jab in our heads. Welcome the silence and open your eyes, ears, and senses as you learn how to activate your amazing intuition.

Life Changing Coaching

from Alena Naron

“Reclaim Your Power and Your Life”

You can gain control over your life, relationships, health, and finances by reclaiming your own power.


I can show you how to awaken your intuitive mind and unlimited potential and help you tap into living your life’s purpose.


The focus is entirely on you! One-on-one coaching that will nurture and renew your spirit, and guide you to deep personal insights, choices and decisions about your life. 

Personal Coaching that is individually designed to fit your specific needs. You’ll reconnect with what you want most in life, your innermost values, as well as your fears and limiting beliefs, and discover what it will take to live a more fulfilling, inspired life of your own design.


You’ll be guided to an exciting new vision for your life, with the inspiration and motivation to make deeply desired changes, illuminating your personal path to a happier, more balanced and peaceful life.


You will discover physical and mental well-being with my guidance.

 Share your experiences with me on twitter

Happy Day

Alena Naron “MissjoyandHappiness”