Before & After “What Are You Waiting For?”

Isn't Time for a Life Makeover?

Isn’t Time for a Life Makeover?


Have You been standing on the line between Before (The Past) and trying to Move Forward to After? Heaven knows I have been there many times in my life but the great news I am here to move you past the past (the ugly stuff) and get you on the fast track to moving into the exciting now and the fabulous future!

My life changing Life Empowerment Techniques and Coaching will get you where you need to be. Present in today and excited about all the things you have and you can be.

If  You are exhausted teeter tottering back and forth on the defining line of Past and Present

I would love to help you in moving on and living the best life you possibly can.







I Don’t Think I Can Empower You

I KNOW I CAN! After 100’s of Life Changing Empowerment Journeys in Wellness and Fear Eliminating Limited Beliefs that Block and Paralyze one’s open channel to prosperity, health, and happy I am here inviting you to personally step away from your past and take the first step on your way to a brighter future. Email me @ or call me @ 813-770-4613

Let’s Do It Together.