Awakening Your Intuition

Awakening Your Intuition with Alena Naron - Miracle Life Coach

Awakening Your Intuition

Awakening Your Intuition

When was the last time you had that hunch to go somewhere, that excitement to do something out of the ordinary, or heard that voice that whispered softly for you to follow?

For as long as I can remember even when I was a small child I’ve been filled with incredible simply divine intuition. Yes I’m extremely intuitive and the paths that intuition has lead me down have been life changing and filled with extraordinary miracles that many times are almost unexplainable because the stories of how I followed those hunches, that divine knowing to go somewhere on a whim, or to do something just because I heard that inner voice prompting me to do so – always to be rewarded with a happy ending and important discovery, or simply to be a blessing to another!

Here’s the great news —

I can help you learn how to be more intuitive.

This Awakening of Your Intuition will have several blog posts on this topic since as you well know Intuition takes practice but with more experience and stillness you will soon become more aware and confident in both trusting and following your inner voice.

You will need to take a few steps to awaken your intuition and let it know that you are ready and willing to listen and follow what your intuition will soon tell you.

How do you prepare your mind to be more mindful

 and to waken your intuition?

First by slowing down by Chillin’.

We are like to do that right? Tell the local news on tv, CSI, the Bachelor,

Say Yes to the Dress, KIM K. and her Kardashian sistersCNN … that you have a special assignment that is going to take you some extraordinary places in life and you will have to skip their shows and welcome the adventures, fun, rewards, gifts, and miracles you are soon going to receive by listening to the voice.

Not, The Voice with Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, Christina Aguilera, Pharrell Williams, …but that inner voice inside of you

that will lead you to your true desires..

Ok back to Intuition 101


Begin by quieting your mind and becoming more mindful.

Learning to be comfy cozy with silence.

I remember years ago I always would have to have the radio on or the TV running in the background. Silence made me very uncomfortable. I had to be distracted it seemed that in those moments of shhhhhh sadness, failure, stress of my past would come like Space Invaders and try to overtake my mind with negative thoughts and fear. The quiet and the silence was not welcomed and being distracted made me feel ok.

But who wants to be just ok? Settle for average, just going thru the motions, and not allowing the Emotions of Happy to overtake you – Not me!

And you should not either.

Once I learned to embrace the silence and learned how to focus on the peace, the being in the moments things began to happen in super miraculous ways. The Voice, (the voice inside of me) the inner knowing of direction, the infinite intuition soon would fill me as I moved into a quiet peaceful place of acceptance. A place of no distractions or agendas.

Here we go! Are you ready to feel mushy?

That’s what I like to call it. Mushy like a marshmallow. In my marshmallow place I become more receptive and in this infinite place my intuition becomes its very best.

You can name your state of zen and enlightenment whatever you’d like?

But first I have to help you reach your Elevated State of Knowing.

Let’s practice the following exercises

Relax. AHHHHHHH. Say it with me AHHHHH. Seemes easy, sounds simple.  But if you’re overworked, stressed out, your brain has gone wacky and needs to be rewired due to extreme multi-tasking and I realize

Letting Go” and “Becoming Mindful” sounds like a trip to outer space.

You’re going to Love this!

Go find a super comfortable place to sit. Whether it be on your yoga mat, your favorite place on the couch or recliner, or even on the floor,

Close your eyes and lets’ begin.

I know what you are thinking at this exact moment. How you might ask? No, I can’t read your exact thoughts but I know with a doubt

“You Are Still Thinking!” The topic or thoughts are not important but the thinking part is.  I know your mind is going from place to place from here to there, covering topic to topic, issue to issue, conversations that went on during your day or you’re making lists “to do lists”, or you’re going over plans you need to do, and if you are not doing those things perhaps You are judging, analyzing, worrying, …

Tell your brain to stop right there!

No More, No Mas (Spanish)!

Tell your brain you are taking a timeout from all the busy-ness and you are going to start feelingaccepting, and receiving all the Happy-ness

you can handle.

Quietly let your mantra be “These things will be there even after I’m done but right now its just me and this is my time to just sit to relax to breathe and to learn how to become more intuitive.

Breathe in, breathe out. Repeat. Oh Yes, You can start to begin to feel the tension just melt away. Your mind and spirit are becoming more peaceful and more accepting of this wonderful space.

Now open your eyes and sit quietly.

 How do you feel? More relaxed is the goal.

As you keep breathing notice if the chatter or stress continues to tease you, to taunt you,…

Say Yeah, You Joy StealerYou Bully — Sure I hear you and I accept again that I have things to do but this is my time and you must go now!

No and’s, if’s, or but’s! Not even a pretty please!

I welcome you now into the sacred space. Where you are now is a very wonderful place of being present.  Boy do I know what you’re going to say next?  “But Alena I’m so busy, with so much to do…

I’m always rushing, I always have countless things to do Alena, it just never ends!” I never have enough time.

I’ve heard it before and I used to say the exact same things.

We all tend to be more focused on what we need to do tomorrow and what we should have done yesterday. Sadly our focus is always on anything but the present of now.

I encourage you to just take a moment and look around you.

Whether you’re scanning your apartment or looking throughout your house please find something to focus on. Your options are endless. It could be a picture of loved ones in your family or a beautiful souvenir you bought in Europe or on that long vacation last summer or something you may have inherited from your mother or your aunt. It can be anything as long as it holds a positive loving vibration and memory for you. Let it bring you back to that place of happy and only happy!

After taking a few moments to cherish that memory and that moment

Wha-la shish boom ba You have already opened the door to intuitive possibilities because you now have awaken your senses to gratitude, love, and to joy just by holding a positive memory.

Tomorrow when you do the same exercise and find another object or something in nature like a flower, a tree, a color, something to appreciate.

Now I want you to welcome and embrace the sounds that you hear appreciating that sound, with total focus only on that one sound.

It could be the sound of a bird singing, the sound of wind moving thru the trees, anything as long as the sound you have personally chosen holds a comfortable soothing vibration for you.

 Feel it Baby, Feel it!

No nothing naughty. Just to totally become aware of the feeling of touch.

Life Coaching with Great ResultsI want you to turn your attention to your sense of touch. Let your hand reach out and touch something nearby. A soft pillow, a intricate fiber in your rug, a blade of grass, a flower,…

Now sharpen your sense of smell.

Wherever you are close your eyes and focus on breathing in and out evenly. Bring your attention to the aromas and fragrances in the air. What if you don’t smell anything? Well that’s a wonderful thing too. Fresh Air that is!

It is not your job to smell what’s in the air around you trying to analyze it or pick it apart to find out exactly what it is. Your intention is only to notice it.

With mindfulness you begin to look at things differently, touch, smell, hear, accept, and love and appreciate things in a completely different manner.

So much of the time we are preoccupied and even our thoughts that fill our minds when we are eating, drinking, chewing, walking, driving, even talking to someone else — We are not in the present and we may be only hearing half the conversation, only tasting a small taste of the food, and only noticing a small picture of what is actually in front of us and around us.

Cheating ourselves and others out of the experience.

Because our brain is too busy trying to figure out all the jibber jab in our heads. Welcome the silence and open your eyes, ears, and senses as you learn how to activate your amazing intuition.

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