The CURE, The Chaplain and the Yoga Teacher

I want to talk to you about THE CURE”.

I was at my yoga studio for my 7:30 pm Gentle Yoga Class—


Prior to my arrival to Yoga Class I had been experiencing higher than normal

Heavenly Intuition  and Clarity. God had been speaking to me throughout my day and filling me with his revelations. Our class began quite differently that evening, my yoga teacher had a lot on her mind and she decided to share some of her stresses with us before starting our class. She begun by telling us how she was having trouble with her young son and how it was impacting her focus and her family. She apologized a few minutes later for sharing her own problems with us because this was not the norm.


We come to yoga to find healing, peace, our own personal oasis from chaos, grief, and stress. Class was finally starting and our teacher took a moment to acknowledge some of the new people there were in class that night. One of the newbies in our class was a lady seated on her mat to my right. She had introduced herself as a Chaplain at the nearby

Moffitt Cancer Center.

Class was now in motion and we practiced our many yoga poses. From Downward Dog to

a Warrior, a Happy Baby, a Tree position, … I found myself an hour later with the rest of the class with my “legs up the wall” (peaceful, meditative position of AHHH!) with sandbags across my hips pushing me deeper into the mat. I was totally mushy with my eye pillow covering my eyes and had now been transported into a very happy place. Not thinking about anything! No thoughts, no worries until God decided to speak. First he told me exactly what I must do at the end of the class.


Assignment #1 — I must approach my yoga teacher and tell her confidently I CAN HELP her son. I am a Life Coach and this would not be something foreign for me to do. I proceeded to listen as God also told me that I would not charge her even though I really could have used the money at the time.

I was instructed to Pay It Forward. I asked God in the studio filled with Yogis in total silence, “How and in what way do you wish for me to help her son?” God soon revealed that the real reason my offer of speaking to her son would be FREE was that God was actually going to heal him of his problem in less than 45 minutes by using me! What an amazing gift God has given me!

The divine messages that I received from him to help and to heal others is truly extraordinary.

There were still a few minutes of meditation left so, I quietly thanked God for this message. Then no sooner than my gratitude prayer had ended God was speaking again to me.

Assignment #2

God said, “After class when you’re putting up your mat, blocks and straps and pillows I want you to talk to the chaplain.” I said, “Ok God I will but what could I possibly tell her that she does not know already?” A sudden discomfort came over me but I knew I had to obey. Even though I had received God’s message I was hesitant. Why? The chaplain seated on her mat to my right had a strange energy that I could not quite explain.

When class had ended I did as I was instructed. First I approached my yoga teacher and I told her I had received a divine message from God and how “I” for no charge,

for FREE would help her son. 

 With eager anticipation of receiving a YES from her after I joyfully expressed that his problem would be instantly healed after what would be an easy life changing appointment for him.

This blessing would benefit her and her family. I was very happy to offer such a miracle to her and to her son but for some reason she became nervous, even agitated. Denying my offer, my help. “I don’t need your help, he’s just fine,” she said. I stood there perplexed because she really had made it a point to share with our class how worried she was about her son and his problem. Again I said, “If  you change your mind the offer still stands. I’d really like to help I said before walking to the back of the studio.


I knelt on the floor to roll my yoga mat and gather my things when I saw the chaplain in the back by the props. I introduced myself as a  Life Coach and highly anointed Child of God. In less than 3 minutes I gave her a rundown about my life and how God works thru me. I told her how God often speaks to me and gives me messages, assignments, miracles of enlightenment.

I just knew and somehow expected her to embrace the next words that would come out of mouth.

I shared with her that God had tonight while in meditation asked me to speak to her and offer my services for Free to help at Moffitt Cancer Center. She rudely replied and said, “What exactly would you offer?” I said, “Well, You work at the Cancer Center and God has given me amazing power to heal and transform people by instilling hope, energy, and love then I asked if perhaps she knew of any volunteer positions for 1 to 2 days a week where I could impact some of the people suffering from cancer?” No one had prepared me for what would come next! Since you were not there please allow me to describe this woman to you—where you can have a better image of clarity.

Love Has the Ability to Cure

The Cure

Pasty, ghostly white skin , in her late 60’s , her ICY COLD expression and demeanor was emotionless and was so not approachable.

But who am I to judge, all I knew was that she was working for God and with people who are suffering from cancer and God asked me to speak to her.

 Now what she said next I guess should have been of no surprise to me but it still was!

Her exterior, her energy, her body language was telling me what her interior (inside) could not.



Until she opened her mouth and she proceeded to tell me that the Cancer Center was just fine with their staff and they already had people “like me” and they didn’t need me or my services! I took a deep breath and I said nicely, “You don’t know how anointed I am and it would be my pleasure to help in any way, shape or form. I am sure there is some way I can help, I said.Then she actually got upset as I handed her my card. I knew she wouldn’t call me but I had to be obedient to what God was telling me. Discouraged and sad I left class utterly speechless. I walked to my car and before I put the keys in the ignition I had a conversation with God.

“God,  I just don’t understand, I did as you instructed me you for it was YOU who had given me your divine messages.” I could not help my yoga teacher and her son nor the chaplain and those at the cancer center. With such despair God my special gifts which are your GIFTS had been rejected!


I don’t understand why people ask for miracles,

                                  people ask for help,

                                  people ask for healing, …

 and yet you send someone like myself who is highly favored by you and would be an answer to their prayers and they say “No!” They respond that they don’t need help, or need healing,… I did not hear a response from God but I knew I’d been faithful to his instructions that evening.


It’s amazing how I am filled on a daily basis with KNOWING,

the kind of knowing that can only come from God.

Filled with faith I am able to walk up to a stranger (whomever God instructs me to speak to) with a divine message from God. It is truly exceptional how I never know exactly what I’m going to say how I’m going to say it until I approach them — I open my mouth and somehow my mouth is connected to “my heart” and my heart is connected to “my head” and my head is beamed and filled with the heavenly download from GodThat’s when everything flows perfectly out of my mouth! With God’s words of Love, Peace, Compassion, and Miracles. But yet so many don’t want these miracles. They had rather let pride and denial and even FEAR block the messages and healing God is sending through me to them.


 I drove home that night thinking how I had expressed to the yoga teacher God had given me an answer, THE ANSWER for her son. Then how I had stood before the chaplain who was more concerned with her own ego and self righteousness, and her insecurity that maybe somebody else other than herself might be filled with the love of God and that her own issues had made her reject the prescription, the healing, and THE CURE that he (God) wanted me to share with the Moffitt Cancer Center’s patients.


Thoughts filled me days later and I thought of how I might call the Cancer Center and speak to someone else about offering my services but God had already sent me another divine assignment and this time would be different — The people he sent me to had been anxiously awaiting the message he had for them.


My question to you is

Do You really want your “miracle?”

Are you open to hearing and receiving a divine message from God?

Are your ears ready to hear the message and is your heart ready to receive the answer?

And is your mind open enough to believe that God can work through 

Earthbound Angels like myself to bring you the perfect answers

of his healing and love?

 If You Are Reach Out to Me and Get Ready For the Miraculous

I am a Healer, Transformational Life Coach, Life Stylist and God has Gifted me

with the ability to live without limitations (God is unlimited and desires for us to be, and to live with Infinite Possibilities).


Happy Day

Alena Naron