Angel On Assignment

Your Angel On Assignment – I laughing out loud as I type this because still it amazes me how wild it feels to be assigned DIVINE Assignments by God.

In the 80’s/90’s I remember watching Touched by an Angel with and how each of them were divinely directed to help someone in need. I liked that show and would think from time to time how cool would that be to have a Hotline to God. I was naive because God had already given me that gift. The gift of Direction, Heavenly insight but I just thought I was being kind to people, and my greatest desire was to help others. Sure I could see the change, the healing.

Angel on Assignment

Angel on Assignment

Having the ability to Light Up The Darkness wherever I go still leaves me in AWE. With a grateful heart I say often with joyous jubilation to Jesus, “A HIGH FIVE and a “Big Hallejuah” for the Blessings. Living in such captivating lift of Spirit, immense Love, and Joy – I am so very blessed.

Chosen by God to go wherever he sends me to whoever needs me at any given time

and many times there is no advance notice only the voice of God saying , “GO!”

There are very few  that God can use to help others because most want to be a Receiver not a giver of encouragement, help, compassion, …) But when we realize when we give of ourselves we receive even more than we give. A happy heart knowing we helped another and it always comes back to us in an even bigger blessing.

I am gifted by God because I was open and asked to be.

Bring it on Jesus I say each day.

Bring on the blessings,

Bring on the miracles,

Bring on the healing that you pass through me to help others.

I am grateful beyond words to be living in the light and living as a Miracle child of God.

Here is a short voice recording of an anointed week in June

and how the Divine sent me different directions, places, to deliver messages, to bless, and to heal.

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and May You Be Blessed with the MIRACLE that you seek.

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With Love,

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