Angel On Assignment

Your Angel On Assignment – I laughing out loud as I type this because still it amazes me how wild it feels to be assigned DIVINE Assignments by God.

In the 80’s/90’s I remember watching Touched by an Angel with and how each of them were divinely directed to help someone in need. I liked that show and would think from time to time how cool would that be to have a Hotline to God. I was naive because God had already given me that gift. The gift of Direction, Heavenly insight but I just thought I was being kind to people, and my greatest desire was to help others. Sure I could see the change, the healing.

Angel on Assignment

Angel on Assignment

Having the ability to Light Up The Darkness wherever I go still leaves me in AWE. With a grateful heart I say often with joyous jubilation to Jesus, “A HIGH FIVE and a “Big Hallejuah” for the Blessings. Living in such captivating lift of Spirit, immense Love, and Joy – I am so very blessed.

Chosen by God to go wherever he sends me to whoever needs me at any given time

and many times there is no advance notice only the voice of God saying , “GO!”

There are very few  that God can use to help others because most want to be a Receiver not a giver of encouragement, help, compassion, …) But when we realize when we give of ourselves we receive even more than we give. A happy heart knowing we helped another and it always comes back to us in an even bigger blessing.

I am gifted by God because I was open and asked to be.

Bring it on Jesus I say each day.

Bring on the blessings,

Bring on the miracles,

Bring on the healing that you pass through me to help others.

I am grateful beyond words to be living in the light and living as a Miracle child of God.

Here is a short voice recording of an anointed week in June

and how the Divine sent me different directions, places, to deliver messages, to bless, and to heal.

I received a divine message from God to open my heart to you that are need of prayer

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and May You Be Blessed with the MIRACLE that you seek.

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With Love,

Alena  aka “Missjoyandhappiness”

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Wayne Dyer – I AM LIGHT

Wayne Dyer – I AM LIGHT

Since Christmas when I was gifted with a 3rd row ticket to see Dr. Wayne Dyer in Montreal I have been on Cloud 9. I had seen Wayne Dyer in Montreal back in 2011 for the very first time and it was life changing.

Back then I had been invited by a friend to attend his Wishes Fulfilled Conference

now that I am very familiar and an avid FAN of Wayne Dyer and his gift of positivity and LIGHT I just couldn’t wait for May to arrive. I was overjoyed because my 3 rd row ticket also included a Private Reception Pass to meet him.

With two books in my hand I waited anxiously in a line of about 80 people to meet him.

Earlier that morning I had a copy of my own book that I’d written

“Expecting and Accepting the Unexpected Daydreaming with God.”

For months I had waited for the right divine inspiration before writing a personal message to Dr. Dyer inside my book that I wished to give him.

With only an hour before I needed to head downtown to Place Des Arts to attend the

I AM LIGHT conference heavenly inspiration came over me and this is what I wrote

to Dr. Dyer.


Wayne Dyer - I AM LIGHT

Wayne Dyer I AM LIGHT Montreal 2015



Dear Mr. Dyer the journey which has brought me to this exceptional place where I now stand before you in this divine meeting is such a blessing.

Three years ago the magical happened here in Montreal when I first heard you speak —

the inner contentment and sense of selfless spirit you continue to share and your inspiring wisdom is such a gift.

They who “inspire” others are the most blessed and fortunate as I am now.

I have been divinely inspired by you and have gone on to inspire others. What more can we as carriers of the “light” possibly ask from God?

As he smiles at the spirit, human heart, mind and transforms our being from the light which first originated in us.

I thank God for your illuminated path and empowering words that fill the inspiring books you have written to bring the knowledge and light to myself and to others.

Within me you have inspired more manifested miracles and the greater knowing that

I am and have a lighted path to be a beacon in the darkness.

The light of one which illuminates in your words, writing, and speech …

God has chosen you as an illuminator, motivator, and to add brilliance to our world

Unless someone “gifts” another with the power, the love, and the knowledge that you are “light” I am Light, he is Light, she is Light, then we have not experienced the true light within ourselves which God has given us.

God’s will is for each one of us to allow the divine light to enter in.

You are light,
I am light

May we both continue this anointed  journey to brighten  others with our divine gift and

May our lights forever illuminate in the transforming fulfillment of others.

Forever shine your light bright

Filled with Gratitude and Love
Alena Naron


IMG_5884IMG_5888  IMG_5877

It was a day I Had Manifested and a moment I will never forget.

Anything is possible if you just believe — because I believed in this divine meeting back in 2011.

Some manifestations happen in an INSTANT in my world others take a little more time but always come to fruition perfectly.



I Welcome You to Embrace All The Wonderful Possibilities that are before you.

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You Really Can have the life you have always dreamed of.


















Heaven Said No To Me Three Times


Heaven Said No To Me Three Times

Heaven Said No To Me Three Times



Heaven Said No To Me Three Times

Three separate trips to heaven and brought back to Earth to Elevate, Motivate, Inspire, and to Heal

My glimpse of heaven – When I was 22, I was involved in a terrible car accident where I had sustained a tear to my intestine and had to have surgery. I had flatlined and remember floating above my hospital bed, then seeing my body laying there on the operating table. God wasn’t ready yet. I remember seeing the illuminating light but that was my only glimpse of heaven. After the surgery many hours later, I regained consciousness and opened my eyes accompanied by a feeling of even more fearlessness.

The first trip back to earth left me hungry to live life like never before. I would go on to take flying lessons, travel extensively throughout the United States and to do extraordinary things. After all I had been given another chance and I was so amazingly grateful.


Trip #2

At 36 I had suffered a “TIA”, a mini stroke.

My friend Jane went with me to the hospital and for some reason when Jane went to the bathroom the nurse put a patch of some sort on my arm. I wouldn’t find out until later what the patch was. That late afternoon the hospital was full to capacity and for some reason the only place available the nurses had to put me was in a nearby operating room because they were out of space. Jane who is also a nurse waited patiently and would not leave my side until they admitted me to a room. It was a freaky very uncomfortable situation being there in that operating room. Memories of my first trip to heaven came rushing back.

What happened next was another extraordinary journey. I remember what Jane told me later of what had happened next. She kept checking my monitors and making sure I was okay. Jane said, “All of a sudden I rose from a laying position to a seated one and I looked directly at her and then I fell backwards with my eyes rolling back in my head. Then the monitor went off with the horrific doooooooooo sound of me flat lining. I was gone again.

She had to run and go get a nurse and a doctor. Even Jane at that time did not know that the patch was on my arm as it was covered by my hospital gown. Next thing I remember the doctor was shaking me and saying, “Come on!” We can’t lose you yet!” “Come on!” Then he screamed at one of the nurses and said “Who the hell put this morphine patch on the girl who has mitral valve prolapse ( heart murmur) you could have killed her!”

The next few hours I would be coming off the worst trip of my life! A drug trip from hell which that morphine patch had caused.

Sure I could have sued the hospital out of anger but once again I was filled with gratitude that once again God had fought my battle and sent me back to earth with another chance.


A lot of cool things would happen between trips 2 and 3.

Back in 1997 I had been in a terrible car accident which I did not cause and a wonderful good samaratin had stopped to call the ambulance and to comfort me until help was on its way.

This would strike me deeply inside with an overwhelming feeling to give back so, it was at that time I asked God, If you’d ever like to use the Pay It Forward and help someone else I would like to do so.”

Seems like a simple, very worthy request right? Never would I have dreamed that God would use me later as an Empath.


How does one explain being in bed at home & hearing God’s voice say “GO!” Seriously, I said GOD where I am going?”

Only to hear Go again and I knew I must. With total faith and trust throwing on my clothes, flip flops, grabbing the keys to my car, and heading out the door. The only thing I had to do was to listen. Go Right, turn left, make another right then he told me exactly what was transpiring even before  I arrived at my destination. It was a horrific site a two vehicle accident and one of those would not be making it home that day. the closer I drove to the scene God had already instructed me to Bombard Heaven with powerful prayers on behalf of both parties involved, their doctors, nurses, and their families that would soon be finding out their  situation/fate.

This unique gift from God would not be a one time event.

I would go on to be divinely assigned missions like this one quite often and without question.


Trip #3

Then at 42 years old, a trip to see my family in Tampa from West Palm Beach and all of a sudden 36 hours later my stomach was absolutely killing me.The pain was unbearable but I am a fighter and I refused to go to the hospital until 12 hours later. I just couldn’t fight anymore an ambulance was called and off to the Hospital I went. The next morning I was prepped and ready to go into surgery and I remember clutching very tightly a blue and white crucifix in my hand and praying that I would come through surgery ok.


No one was there with me. My family had not arrived yet and I will admit I was terrified but what choice did I have. The Doctors said the surgery went well and in recovery I seemed to be doing well. I remember my mother and sister were there and the doctors and nurses that surrounded me then everything else went blank. My Mom said that a wonderful peace came over me and my eyes closed and then I flat lined. She said the sweetest smile was on my face. Then the doctors fought several times to bring me back only for me to travel to light one more time until their next attempt to bring me back.

Again and again the doctors and nurses kept hitting me with the paddles then they yelled at my mom and said,

“You have to leave now and wait outside!” The next thing she heard as she was scurrying for the door was them saying,

“We’re going to lose her!” That would be the final time they brought me back.


Now Here I AM and the rest is in my book if you are interested to find out more about my phenomenal journey.

Three trips to Heaven is exceptional in itself. What are the odds of 1 time much less 3?


To the light and back with each time God favouring me with another extraordinary GIFT!


What is even more exceptional is the plan and heavenly assignment to help others in so many capacities.


Thank God for second and third chances to live this life of mine. I’ve seen the angels in broad daylight here on earth and yes, I do have a hot line to God and I hear his voice and his words, instructions.  I know what I know without knowing how I know only that God took a woman with extraordinary compassion and love for others, who asked him so humbly, “God, What can I do to help others and how can I be of service?”

I know I’m not the only one out there and I know there are many others “ANGELS” who have and share the special gift from God.


The miraculous path God has directed me on to pursue is one where I can help everyday people like you to find their peace, passion, creativity, wellness, and love.


I love what I do (helping, empowering, healing) others and I love the extraordinary stories each and every one of us has on how we live this journey of life here on earth.


Every day I tell my friends and family it is always an adventure, a discovery and with each day there is someone else to bless. Through my coaching or hearing God’s voice and letting him lead me to where he wants me to go. If you don’t believe in angels I suggest you change your mind.

If you don’t believe in God you’re missing out on the healing and blessings, the peace not only for yourself but for others and for your family and friends. And that’s only a fraction of what God can do!

Did I mention the extraordinary miracles in my life that transcend the normal probabilities.


I am here to tell you that I truly would like to help you receive and live in an abundantly blessed way  through God’s extraordinary possibilities.


Since 1988 and my first trip to the light, the healing, God’s healing that I have in my hands and in my mouth when he fills me the divine knowledge to help someone has transformed and impacted hundreds of people through my life walk.


The extraordinary gifts that God gives me will leave you in awe (but he can do this and more for you as well) so before I close let me send up a prayer for you and for your loved ones.


You too can be a miracle just like myself all you have to do is go within and ask God for his help. No worries of fear or condemnation, may you enter in leaving your baggage behind. God is not a God of judgment. He is nice and kind and he is full of love and reassurance and only wants the best for you and I.


If you knew God like I do you would not be so shy and you would not limit him

to what he can do for you.


If I only could sit down and talk with you and share from the small miracles to the super sized ones in my life and those of others he’s allowed me to impact I think you’ll pray a little differently and expect something big and better when you pray.

With Love & Light

Missjoyandhappiness “Alena Naron”

Mirror Mirror – Making Friends with that Reflection

Mirror Mirror - Making Friends with that Reflection

Mirror Mirror – Making Friends with that Reflection



Mirror Mirror – Who is the person in the mirror talking too?

What are you saying about that image of yourself reflecting back at you in the mirror. Are you playing nice and making friends with your reflection or are you beating it up with negative name bashing and insecurities.

Self-talk is your inner voice. The voice in your mind, in your head and the self-criticism that you don’t always say out loud.

So many times self-talk happens without you even realizing it, but remember, what you say in your mind can determine a lot of how you feel about who you are. Here’s the good news on positive self-talk It’s the stuff that makes you feel well and have those warm happy feelings, that self-confidence about yourself and great things that are going on in your life. Let’s not forget the other , exact opposite is negative self talk. The negative self talk that makes you feel worthless, pathetic, low down, ugly, unattractive, ….I personally call them the demons!

As my friend Danielle refers to her negative self talk as the Interrogaters because she feels interrogated by

all the terrible words of bombardment.

There is a positive and negative self-talk and they both have an impact on how you feel and on your health and motivation.

Self talk can have a really great impact on yourself if its positive.

There are a few ways you can develop better self talk including just listening to what you’re saying to yourself each day

Like having a cheerleader or having an optimistic very happy positive voice in your head that is always looking on the sunny side.

Examples of Positive Happy Self Talk 

I look awesome today! 

I’m going to score a perfect grade on my test. 

I’m going to walk into that boardroom & I am going to win over my boss and my clients and get that account.

I know I will have an amazing day today because I deserve to. Today is going to be the best day of my life and I look like a Rockstar.

I am sexy and I know it!


On the other hand the negative self talk (the demons)  will tell you things that makes you feel degraded, insecure, lower than low, crappy about yourself and things that are going on or rather going wrong in your world and to you.

It’s a draining downer and once you get into the cycle you better do anything you can to get out of it 

before you hit rock bottom.

Examples of Negative Self Talk

My clothes never fit, I just keep gaining weight.

I don’t know why no one ever asks me out I must be unattractive. No wonder I am overlooked at work and by the opposite sex —

Look at those wrinkles, baggy puffy eyes, pimples, scars, stretch marks, age spots. Goodness gracious once you get the negativity going it is difficult to shut them up. But you can, one compliment to yourself at a time. Did you know negative self talk can even impact your recovery time from a illness?

**** Note to my readers. When I left the house looking what I thought was wow, perfect hair, perfect outfit, was not when AWESOME (I don’t understand where this line is going)

Totally Amazing things happened to me. Why you ask? In the big scheme of things it is not the perfection part that people notice and the reason they are attracted to you. It is the inner light, peace, and confidence that you carry within yourself.

I pride myself on never leaving the house without my hair combed, makeup, and looking put together. But there was a day a few months ago when circumstances dictated otherwise and I had to leave the house suddenly to pick up emergency supplies at Office Depot, fill my tank, grab a Starbuck’s and come back home to get on with my work day. No time to play dress up or with makeup.

With squirrely hair, no makeup only lipgloss, and a fashionista unapproved outfit (shorts and a junkie t-shirt, flip flops) I threw ego to the wind and was on a mission to do my tasks.

Shocker! At Office Depot people were drawn to me in line when I was waiting to pay for my copy paper and ink cartridge.

At first I was embarrassed on how I must have looked. I had ran in there hoping to be incognito. I was having such a great chat with girl at register and man behind me then the sales girl chimed in and added to our conversation too. One person even said how glad they were I spoke to them and made them laugh. The trend of attracting people to myself that morning continued even after I left Office Depot heading to the gas station, then to Starbucks. It had nothing to do with garments, labels (designers) that I could have chosen to wear that morning. I had chosen positive self-talk at the red light on my way there that morning and as I looked into my car mirror I said giggling, Alena, You may be a la natural this morning but Darling You Are Beautiful!” With a big smile I readjusted the car mirror and the light changed to green.

It was now time to Go.

Guess what? Obviously my beautiful inner light was shining so bright that no one noticed or even if they did they didn’t care about my uncombed bed head hair, my real self (no makeup). Just me being me “Real, Authentic, and knowing that no matter what my hair looks like or what I am in — I choose to tell myself everyday with my own self-talk that I am gorgeous, talented, valued, loved,…If I believe it others will too and they will treat me differently. (Remember Baby, Fake it tip you make it! 

Even though I wear the title “Miss joy and happiness” very wellI too am human. We can’t stay happy 100% of the time but we can change what we’re saying about ourselves.

I’m even guilty of beating myself up some mornings when I look into the mirror. So guess what I’ve started to do when I wake up?

I Don’t go immediately and look into the mirror first thing in the morning if I am super exhausted or not in the right frame of mind.

Instead while I’m having my coffee or even when I’m walking from room to room to start my day, I start telling myself that I’m beautiful and that I love myself and that I am happy I am me. Then once I do find myself standing before the mirror even if I see puffy eyes or worse dark circles or squirrely hair instead of getting anxious and saying, “Oh No why today of all days do I look like this again?” I remain calm, cool, collected and positive.

I look deep into the mirror at the person staring back at me and tell her that she is beautiful and she is perfect today. Funny once my own self talk actually had a miraculous effect because despite what I actually saw in the mirror (the puffy eyes and dark circles) they seem to fade away hours later because I chose not to focus on them. Instead I placed my focus on my beauty. Inner that is!

Self-talk and self-image go hand in hand in my book. The more we love ourselves the more we value our bodies and what we eat, exercise, embrace our gifts, talents and our uniqueness the more the reflection staring back at us changes into a more brilliant beautiful human being.

Sure many of us have encountered mean terrible people that have shaped the things we say and feel about ourselves.

Perhaps you were in an abusive relationship or in your childhood you were called terrible things or had someone degrade you or perhaps people have bullied you at school or made fun of you.  Whatever you have experienced in this realm of negativity and harmful arrows against your self-worth and self-esteem please know that I have been there to and I know how devastating those awful words were when I heard them.

Take a moment and ask yourself is there actual evidence and proof that “I am” what these people have called me or thought of me or was it just a stab to our hearts and ego where that other person or people could gain control and make us feel insecure which sadly in most cases is how these abusive people win and destroy all the goodness and self worth we have.

There is a more positive way you can look at this or ask yourself if you can do anything to change what you’re feeling bad about?

One of the favorite things that I was taught in my childhood was I CAN if I Think I Can! This was long before Louise Hayes Positive Affirmations and all the other authors promoting positivity. My parents read me the little engine that could from the age of 5 years old and would often reference the sweet little story even in my preteen years.

Despite me being bullied as an ugly little girl that was chubby and shy —tormented and taunted and always being chosen last to play on any team and pushed and worse overlooked. Despite the terrible words I often heard from classmate as a young girl I always remembered If I Think I Can then I CAN!

All the twists and turns in this life that I have experienced both good and bad and variety of both good and bad people I have propped myself up, picked myself back up with bruises bumps and tears in my eyes but guess what you can call me bad names, pick on me but I Can, I AM and I Will  because I thought I could. Anything can be overcome if you want change.
“Never bend your head always hold it high look at the world straight in the face.” Helen Keller




You don’t have to be a preteen or 20- something year old to be affected by the constant bombardment of perceived physical perfection that profoundly affects almost everyone at some time or another. Most people’s self perception is warped and whacked and I am here wanting to change that.


Stand up straight
Shoulders back

Put a smile on that face 🙂 and walk out that door knowing 
Everyone needs and desires compliments so before you jump into the car today let me

be the first to compliment YOU.




If You Would Like Divine Direction to Become You  Best Authentic Self

I would LOVE to help.

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