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Alena Naron (a.k.a. Mrs. Joy and Happiness) will motivate you with wit and wisdom and help you build your dreams for the future. With over a hundred hours of video coaching and encouragement, Alena Naron has dedicated her life to helping you grow and succeed. 



I am just an ordinary woman turned extraordinary through circumstances. 

I touch others through my own tragedies by giving them hope and encouragement and reminding them that sometimes the richest people are those who have endured tragedy, pain, sadness, and struggle.


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Yes You Can Manifest This

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The Power Of Love

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Same Day Delivery

Listen To The Inspiration That Hit Me On My Saturday Morning Drive To Starbucks  

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Overcoming Limitations in Your Life

Overcoming Limitations in Your Life

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Unlocking Your Purpose

 Unlocking Your Purpose   There are certain times in our lives when a voice (inner voice) whispers to us. The voice doesn’t always talk. Usually we hear it best when we are sick an tired of being sick and tired. Inside of every person is the knowledge that there is something we can do with…

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The Drive To Empowerment

Dear God, What am I doing today? I’m letting FEAR get in my way! You’ve shown me over and over again— God your Power and your Strength. Why am I doing this I ask myself and why am I letting fear win?!  I was feeling great and then this morning after I completely woke up then…

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You can gain control over your life, relationships, health, and finances by reclaiming your own power.

I can show you how to awaken your intuitive mind and unlimited potential and help you tap into living your life's purpose.

The focus is entirely on you! One-on-one coaching that will nurture and renew your spirit, and guide you to deep personal insights, choices and decisions about your life. 

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Alena Naron

Expecting and Accepting the Unexpected

In "Expecting and Accepting The Unexpected: Daydreaming with God", Alena Naron teaches a new approach to manifest personal desires, change, and satisfaction through a series of practical empowerment thoughts and actions.

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